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This is why so many people have abandoned Libertarianism over the past few years. They realize it 8767 s just as bleak, utopian and incoherent as communism.

AHistory of Freedom of Thought - Critical Thinking

But at the end of that road can be a column like James . Smith 8767 s in the Washington Post about your book and that 8767 s a very bad place to be, in my opinion.

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Someday Brooks will fall off a ladder, hit his head and come to his senses. Until then he will continue to spout nonsense and this piece is no exception.


On the other hand, those who have the responsibility of governing a society can argue that it is as incumbent on them to prohibit the circulation of pernicious opinions as to prohibit any anti-social actions. They can argue that a man may do far more harm by propagating anti-social doctrines than by stealing his neighbour’s horse or making love to his neighbour’s wife. They are responsible for the welfare of the State, and if they are convinced that an opinion is dangerous, by menacing the political, religious, or moral assumptions on which the society is based, it is their duty to protect society against it, as against any other danger.

Ruffini, F., Religious Liberty (English translation), 6967. The essays of L. Luzzatti. Liberty of Conscience and Science (Italian), are suggestive.

Jefferson aimed to eliminate these perceived follies, and his version of the Bible was free of mysteries, irrational dogmas, and creeds. He emphatically opposed the Trinity. To him, this

The idea that we need, or ought to have an answer to 8775 what is our country here for? 8776 makes the huge mistake of looking for meaning where meaning does not belong whether 8775 country 8776 is interpreted literally as the political system, or as the 8775 nation. 8776 Meaning is created by the everyday interactions between people, from religion, from pursuing our ideas of the Good, from tradition, from actual community.

I agree with what Rod has written that we are so hyper-individualistic that we are currently incapable of living as a people pursuant to a grand narrative.

There was much more in the same vein and the upshot was, under the thin veil of serving faith, to show that the Christian dogmas were essentially unreasonable.

Someday Brooks will fall off a ladder, hit his head and come to his senses. Until then he will continue to spout nonsense and this piece is no exception.

A great charismatic does not save us from holy terror, but rather conveys it. One of my intentions is to make us again more responsive to the possibility of holy terror.

The reason slavery became a moral and political issue is that it was such a CONTRAST to the 8775 liberty 8776 enjoyed by a MAJORITY of the population, as distinct from, say, the Byzantine Empire. What enslaved people wanted, more than anything else in the world, was ACCESS to what American promised, but did not perfectly offer or provide or establish.

Even though I pretty often disagree strongly with Rod 8767 s particular views on this or that, I 8767 m glad to see him turning to a focus on what really matters. You may think this is leaving the imperium, but it 8767 s really replacing the imperium with something better.

Gibbon had not the advantage of the minute critical labours which in the following century were expended on his sources of information, but his masterly exposure of the conventional history of the early Church remains in many of its most important points perfectly valid to-day. I suspect that his artillery has produced more effect on intelligent minds in subsequent generations than the archery of Voltaire. For his book became indispensable as the great history of the Middle Ages the most orthodox could not do without it and the poison must have often worked.

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