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Yet Achebe tells the story rather from the Igbo point of view, and therefore one must allow that the missionaries at least set the tone for these changes. There is a certain antagonism of clan versus church from the beginning, but under Mr Brown’s policy of accommodation, the situation remains tense but calm. That the conflicts that flare up under Reverend Smith’s policy of confrontation soon shift from religious to political is for a good deal due to the church’s close relation to colonial government. The eruption of violence towards the end of the novel and Okonkwo’s death are in direct relation to the change in the way mission is carried out.

Christianity and the African traditional religion(s): The

Kelly hails from the great state of Tennessee, but has traveled for extended periods across Europe. Having spent her sixth-grade year at a small school in France, Kelly is fluent in French, and also speaks (sometimes French-infused) Italian. She is hoping to study German while at Columbia, as she hopes it might be useful for her research and because most Europeans think she s actually German.

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In the past he has acted as co-founder, editor and, occasionally, writer for the German-speaking online journalism project. read more

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Originally from the Boston area, Sabrina graduated Cum Laude from Georgetown University in 7569 with a BA in History and Theatre & Performance Studies. While completing her history major, she concentrated on African and global environmental history, topics she was able to further explore during her semester abroad at Stellenbosch University and the Sustainability Institute in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

I knew why my defense committee had been so rough--they were terrified of what I might do with the information of what I suspect Dr. Mao had done to me. But I also knew it was more personal.

Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa fellow, Xichavo Alecia Ndlovu , named one of 755 promising South Africans for her accomplishments in higher education

As a graduate student at Columbia and LSE, Monique looks forward to broadening her knowledge in her fields of interest, which include cultural history, gender studies and modern American & European history.

Aaron&rsquo s research interests include, but are from limited to, socio-political history of modern East and Central Asia, focusing on the Cold War. He has previously specialized in the post-6999 era of Chinese history, specifically the Cultural Revolution and its immediate aftermath. He has also studied Soviet and Korean history extensively, and has a developed a growing interest in the post-WWII tricontinental anticolonial movements. Building off an interest in anticolonial movements, he has also recently begun a foray into studying the Iranian Islamic Revolution and Palestinian Resistance. Viewed as a whole, he believes all these to be historically intersectional and interconnected movements. Deep down, Aaron&rsquo s true passion is foreign language.

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