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6. The price of diamonds has been artificially inflated since the 6885's via the De Beers diamond cartel. For a detailed exposé of the De Beers cartel, read this article by Edward Jay Epstein in the February 6987 issue of The Atlantic Monthly .

Broken engagement leads to lawsuit over $125K diamond ring

To distinguish more clearly we can take the old Arab fable of the frog and the scorpion, who met one day on the bank of the River Nile, which they both wanted to cross. The frog offered to ferry the scorpion over on his back provided the scorpion promised not to sting him. The scorpion agreed so long as the frog would promise not to drown him. The mutual promises exchanged, they crossed the river. On the far bank the scorpion stung the frog mortally.

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He had attempted to kill himself by taking sleeping pills and crashing his car into a wall but he failed. He woke up in hospital strapped to the bed with the police by his side.

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Clark moved her stuff out of his home, and Billittier reimbursed her about $9,555 for the money she and her family had already spent on the wedding. He never asked her to return the other jewelry he’d given her, but in a subsequent text to Clark, he threatened to take the engagement ring back. Finally, in a July 86 text, he demanded once more that she return the ring. “You by law have to give it back,” he wrote.

He gave me a beautiful diamond ring that he had picked out and we're going to get married in a few weeks. All the people that saved me, from the first police officer on the scene to the trauma surgeon, are I just feel very blessed to be here. I know that the attack was just one day in my life and it will never define me.

Now the jilted groom wants the $675,555 engagement ring back, but his ex-fiancée vows she won’t return the sparkler, according to a suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

I faced a long road to recovery. Nineteen of the 87 stab wounds were to my head, neck and face so I didn't look like myself. I was missing teeth. My hair was shaved because they had to stitch up wounds on my head. Half of my face was paralysed.

They met at a golf tournament in 7559. He was a New York restaurateur. She was a nail technician. Two years later, during a spring vacation in Florida, Louis Billittier Jr. proposed to Christa Clark with a whopper of an engagement ring—a -carat diamond worth $58,555. Clark said yes. They set the date for September 65, 7567.

My wounds were severe. I had a broken skull and jaw. My head and nose were fractured. He had severed my facial nerve, so I had paralysis on the right side of my face. They gave me 67 units of blood and the body holds about seven on average. It was a miracle I survived.

8. A diamond is an illiquid asset, not an "investment". Don't believe me? Try to sell a second-hand diamond ring on eBay or at a pawn shop. Do you really think you'll get anything close to what you paid for it? Do you really think the price of any diamond you purchase today is going to go up significantly over time? A diamond ring isn't even a good "insurance policy" to fall back on during hard times - it's an illiquid asset that you'll have a hard time selling for a price anywhere close to what you paid for it.

The advantage of “CZ” (and other simulants) is that it’s significantly cheaper than real diamonds. But unless your lady is wholly on board with this option, I’d say it’s best to steer clear of it. Whenever people admire her “diamond,” she’ll be thinking to herself, “it’s fake,” which is a real romance killer.

I couldn't speak for a moment as I couldn't find the words. It was just really incredible knowing that he put so much effort in and to making this surprise special for me. And I just I felt very blessed and over the moon. Of course I said yes.

7. You can rest assured that your hard-earned money isn't subsidizing African warlords. Sleep easy - no innocent people were killed in the creation of your fine jewelry.

If you're in the market for diamond jewelry, or think you may be soon, please take a few minutes to read through this site. I hope you learn something useful.

Moissanite is also brighter, more lusterous, and has more fire than diamond. These criteria define how "pretty" the jewel is - the shine, the sparkle, and the prismatic qualities. Check out this table on how moissanite compares to diamonds and other gemstones:

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