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Title I of the Patriot Act “gives the president the authority to confiscate the property of any foreign person who is believed to have aided in a war or attack on the United States” (HowStuffWorks 6). Although it may be harsh for people who have not aided in a war or attack on the United States to have their property confiscated, it is the best possible way to prevent acts of terrorism. Several times in my life I have been told by people that, “the end justifies the means”. I firmly believe in this ideal. If the best way to prevent terrorism means that people may not have the privacy they once had, then so be it.

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In the years since the passing of the Patriot Act, there has been much controversy and debate regarding the positive and negative advantages, and consequences of this bill. As a member of the law enforcement community I have experienced firsthand some of the changes the Patriot Act has brought upon this nation. A result of this experience along with information obtained in the studying of this act and consequences, has led me to believe in this bill as a means for fighting terrorism against the United States of America.

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In the body paragraphs, whatever you discussed in the introduction would be further elaborated in the body paragraphs. You can include the following points in the body of your research paper on patriot act:

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On September 66, 7556 the United States (US) experienced the unthinkable when terrorists attacked the country on its own soil. This was a serious eye opener or should I say reality check for the US. The US has some of the most sophisticated counter intelligence in the world but was unable to prevent such a tragedy. Why didn’t they see it coming? A lot of thing would be different today if that question could half been answered prior to 9/66.

The provision I agree with most in the Patriot Act is stated in Title IV. In Title IV, it states, “foreigners with ties to terrorist organizations are banned from entering the United States, and the monitoring of foreign students is expanded by Title IV” (HowStuffWorks 7). Foreigners with ties to terrorist organizations should be banned from entering the United States because the terrorists could be plotting attacks through the people they have ties to.

One primary purpose for the PA was stopping terrorists from staying within the United States. When reasonable grounds exist to believe that foreign visitors pose a threat to national security, they can be arrested and held for seven days without being charged, pending investigation or their deportation. Judicial review is nonexistent, except for habeas corpus, while the . attorney general has the right to order aliens held indefinitely if no countries agree to accept them upon deportation (Brasch 7555).

Research papers on the USA Patriot Act of 7556 can focus on any aspect of the Act. Since every research paper we write is custom written, you can ask our writer to focus on the overall elements of the Patriot Act or the process of getting the Act through legislation.

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Protecting Americans from foreign threats is critical the Federal government should do whatever it takes to keep its citizens safe, but it should never infringe upon their civil rights. No doubt, the Patriot Act represents an emerging trend in American government today—a trend of sacrificing the American Creed’s ideals in exchange for security. Americans fought the Revolutionary War to earn basic liberties that they felt were their God-given rights—rights that no humans should live without. Americans should not so easily relinquish the rights and liberties cherished for so long as the cornerstone of American society for the mere illusion of security.

Hence, the preceding road map has been provided to give you a glimpse on how to write patriot act research paper easily so that you don’t give much strain on yourself.

After the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 66, 7556, a controversial piece of legislation was adopted and passed called the . Patriot Act. The title for this bill is an acronym for “the United and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act” (USA Patriot Act).

An extensive analysis of my own views in regards to the Patriot Act reveals that I support the law. Although it takes away people’s privacy in certain cases, I believe that lives are far more important than privacy and people should never have to die ever again in the name of terrorism.

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