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And that the specie may encrease to a considerable pitch, before it have this latter effect, appears, amongst other instances, from the frequent operations of the French king on the money where it was always found, that the augmenting of the numerary value did not produce a proportional rise of the prices, at least for some time. In the last year of Louis XIV. money was raised three-sevenths, but prices augmented only one. Corn in France is now sold at the same price, or for the same number of livres, it was in 6688 though silver was then at 85 livres the mark, and is now at 55 5 originally '*' footnotes have been numbered for ease of reference 9 * . Not to mention the great addition of gold and silver, which may have come into that kingdom since the former period.

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Nor is the case different with regard to the second circumstance which we proposed to consider, namely, the great or little riches to supply the demand. This effect also depends on the habits and way of living of the people, not on the quantity of gold and silver. In order to have, in any state, a great number of lenders, it is not sufficient nor requisite, that there be great abundance of the precious metals. It is only requisite,

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Thy kind parent, nature, having given thee art and intelligence, has filled the whole globe with materials to employ these talents: Hearken to her voice, which so plainly tells thee, that thou thyself shouldest also be the object of thy industry, and that by art and attention alone thou canst acquire that ability, which will raise thee to thy proper station in the universe. Behold this artizan, who converts a rude and shapeless stone into a noble metal and molding that metal by his cunning hands, creates, as it were by magic, every weapon for his defence, and every utensil for his convenience. He has not this skill from nature: Use and practice have taught it him: And if thou wouldest emulate his success, thou must follow his laborious foot-steps.

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It is an opinion, zealously promoted by some political writers, that, since all taxes, as they pretend, fall ultimately upon land, it were better to lay them originally there, and abolish every duty upon consumptions. But it is denied, that all taxes fall ultimately upon land. If a duty be laid upon any commodity, consumed by an artisan, he has two obvious expedients for paying it he may retrench somewhat of his expence, or he may encrease his labour. Both these resources are more easy and natural, than that of heightening his wages. We see,

It is a certain rule, that wit and passion are entirely incompatible. When the affections are moved, there is no place for the imagination. The mind of man being naturally limited, it is impossible that all its faculties can operate at once: And the more any one predominates, the less room is there for the others to exert their vigour. For this reason, a greater degree of simplicity is required in all compositions, where men, and actions, and passions are painted, than in such as consist of reflections and observations. And as the former species of writing is the more engaging and beautiful, one may safely, upon this account, give the preference to the extreme of simplicity above that of refinement.

You pretend to make me happy by reason, and by rules of art. You must, then, create me anew by rules of art. For on my original frame and structure does my happiness depend. But you want power to effect this and skill too, I am afraid: Nor can I entertain a less opinion of nature’s wisdom than of yours. And let her conduct the machine, which she has so wisely framed. I find, that I should only spoil it by my tampering.

Tournefort , a Provençal , who had travelled into the same country, observes, that there is not a finer climate in the world: And he asserts, that nothing but Ovid ’s melancholy could have given him such dismal ideas of it. But the facts, mentioned by that poet, are too circumstantial to bear any such interpretation.

I 8767 ve been doing my own personal year planning and review for the past few years too. I think I developed the habit when I started my own business since I review and plan my business for the year ahead, why not my own life, eh?

Ovid positively maintains, with all the serious affirmation of prose, that the Euxine sea was frozen over every winter in his time and he appeals to Roman governours, whom he names, for the truth of his assertion 5 originally ' x7576 ' footnotes have been numbered for ease of reference 777 x7576 . This seldom or never happens at present in the latitude of Tomi , whither Ovid was banished. All the complaints of the same poet seem to mark a rigour of the seasons, which is scarcely experienced at present in Petersburgh or Stockholm.

It may justly be thought, that the liberty of divorces in Rome was another discouragement to marriage. Such a practice prevents not quarrels from humour , but rather encreases them and occasions also those from interest , which are much more dangerous and destructive. See farther on this head, Part I. Essay XVIII XIX originally 'XVIII' essay 68 is 'The Sceptic', but Hume presumably means essay 69, 'Of Polygamy and Divorces' . [Of Polygamy and Divorces.] added for ease of reference Perhaps too the unnatural lusts of the ancients ought to be taken into consideration, as of some moment.

While thinking about each category over the course of a week (off and on), I set an average of 8-5 measurable goals for each. Here’s what a few of them looked like for me throughout 7558:

His assessment of late-stage capitalism and American politics was grim. In another 6969 piece, he summed up modern life: 8775 The years come and go, the suicide, nervous breakdown, cancer, sexual deadness, heart attack, alcoholism, sensibility at 55. Slow, death, fast, death. DEATH. 8776

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