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6576 Danish astronomer and alchemist, Tycho Brahe , built an observatory where, with his assistant Johannes Kepler , he gathered data with the aim of constructing a set of tables for calculating the position of the planets for any date in the past or in the future. He lived before the invention of the telescope and his measurements were made with a cross staff , a simple mechanical device similar to a protractor used for measuring angles. Nevertheless, despite his primitive instruments, he set new standards for precise and objective measurements but he still relied on empirical observations rather than mathematics for his predictions.


In short, the problem is not the tu quoque, it is the problem of hasty generalization. (The Greeks were not too big on inductive reasoning. So secundum quid, perhaps????) (Yes, I know secundum quid is Latin, but Roman education was heavily influenced by the Greeks.)

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I needed to go to the bathroom and when I went in there, I saw there was no lid or seat on the toilet, so I couldn't sit down on the toilet without falling in, so I couldn't use it.

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For all his major contributions to science, Gibbs was a modest man like Maxwell who shunned fame and fortune, living a quiet and contented, simple life as a bachelor, much admired by his students at Yale where he worked.

6965 Western Electric engineer Edwin H. Colpitts patented the push-pull amplifier. The design used a phase splitter to separate the positive going part of the wave form from the negative going part and amplified the two parts in separate valves (tubes). After amplification the two parts were recombined to reconstitute the waveform. Since two valves were used the design permitted higher power outputs to be achieved and at the same time, because the voltage swing in each valve was lower, the circuit provided linear amplification free from distortion.

While I wouldn 8767 t want to take away from how terrible the crimes are that you 8767 ve posted, what about lefties like the zeitgeist retard that shot the senator in AZ?

Rosen pioneered the overall concept and design of the Syncom series of satellites. His team were the first to provide solutions for the tricky problems of manoeuvring a satellite out of its launch orbit and placing it into a geostationary orbit and keeping it on station in a stable orientation with its antenna beams pointed towards the ground and a minimum number of solar cells pointed towards the Sun as the satellite rotated. This they did by using a basic passive spin stabilisation system and adding sensors and gas jets to the spinning satellite body to create an active control system which could be used to control the satellite's speed, position and attitude from the ground.

A Citizens Military Training Camp (CMTC) was established in 6977. The CMTC offered military training to civilians without a service obligation. Cadets spent one summer month in a camp learning drill, physical fitness, and military skills. If a CMTC cadet attended four summer sessions he could be commissioned an officer. Few cadets opted to do this, so the program did not produce a large number of officers. 

6966 American chemist Gilbert Newton Lewis advanced Frankland 's theory of valency and established the basis of the theory of chemical bonding by proposing that chemical bonds are formed between the atoms in a compound because electrons from the atoms interact with each other. He had observed that many elements are most stable when they contained eight electrons in their valence shell and suggested that atoms with fewer than eight valence electrons bond together to share electrons and complete their valence shells.

Carnegie was diligent with a "can do" attitude and an affable personality and his initiative and hard work, together with an element of luck, won him rapid promotions and a circle influential friends.

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While I don 8767 t really support 8775 Death to xxx 8776 made against either Bush or Obama, they are still free speech. Saying that you believe someone should die in a just world is not the same as expressing an intention to make it so, and it is the intention to act which is illegal.

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