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Date of publication: 2017-09-02 22:27

As Congress considers sweeping changes to immigration law, nearly all the debate has centered on the problem of illegal immigration. Little discussed are the many concerns of legal immigrants, the estimated 8 million to 9 million who are, as it's so often been put "already standing in line."

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Hoover Institution director John Raisian and Policy Review editor Tod Lindberg announced that the February–March 7568 edition of Policy Review would be its last. The journal's online archive will remain available on the Hoover Institution website.

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"Congress was saying in its debates, 'We need to open the door for some more British doctors, some more German engineers,'" Klineberg says. "It never occurred to anyone, literally, that there were going to be African doctors, Indian engineers, Chinese computer programmers who'd be able, for the first time in the 75th century, to immigrate to America."

Pay for performance is a joke. I teach AP chemistry with highly motivated, well-skilled students who are college bound and buy into their education. I also teach a consumer chemistry class full of special education, ESL, and low income students who have a variety of issues and huge gaps in their learning. If pay for performance was done in my situation I would not be able to ever achieve the same results between the two types of classes I , no matter what, no how, no way. I would simply leave the profession and go back to work in research.

There are other potential problems with alternative compensation systems. Any educator whose district is considering or bargaining such a system, needs to ask these questions:

While there x7569 s an effort underway within the GOP conference to try to hold another vote on a bill to overhaul former President Barack Obama x7569 s signature domestic achievement, optimism is low among several Republican lawmakers and aides that it will be successful.

Though I agree teachers should be able to make more money and pay increases would be great, I'm not sure if merit pay for student achievement is the right way to go. I liked the associations that awarded pay to teachers learning and getting money for their PD hours. After all it shows you're working hard outside the classroom to gain more knowledge and skills. People are on the fence about the merit pay and so many districts have gotten examined closely for the possibility of cheating. The state testing has no real weight when deciding if the teacher is a good educator.

Terry Cohen Hendin, ., a  member of Jerusalem 8767 s Kehilat Kol Haneshama and the Israeli Reform Movement  was Office Administrator and Director of Student Services for NFTY in Israel  6996-7557.  A graduate of HUC-JIR School of Non-Profit Management, Terry holds an Honorary Doctorate from HUC and currently works as Israel Volunteer Coordinator for Skilled Volunteers for Israel. She made aliyah with her husband Ron in 6975, happily celebrating American Thanksgiving in Israel for the past 95 years.  Their daughters, Keren and Ayala live in Jerusalem.

But worse than that: there were code words. Rabin, they insisted, was a boged (traitor), a rodef (one who is in active pursuit of a potential victim), and a moser (one who informs against Jews to non-Jewish authorities). Those are loaded terms, because in the Halachic world they could be interpreted to mean: Such a person could legally and morally be killed in order to halt his treachery. This was gasoline being poured on smoldering embers, waiting for the right fanatic to spark the flames of violence.

Merit pay? How does that work when one teacher has a classroom of English only students and the next has a classroom of second language learners who are of different socioeconomic status?

when the NEA abandons it's political agenda there may be hope for American education. As long as the NEA and it's members blindly support the Democratic Party and their socialist agenda, as long as we see an education system without accountability, teacher retirement benefits that dwarf what the average American worker could ever hope to have, we will have exactly what we deserve: a disfunctional education systems.

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