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The tradition and its corresponding associations “the cultus ” goes back to the East. It was celebrated in Greek before it was celebrated in Latin. “The Dormition of the Theotokos” is exactly the same thing as our “taking,” our Assumptio. The cultus was fully formed and realized in the Greek liturgy by the fifth century. Pope Pius affirmed that it goes back to the Apostles, and is thus part of what we call in our Catholic language, “the Deposit of Faith.”

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It is now explicitly Progressive versus Conservative, and even at Rome, denominational affiliations have lost their poignancy. Not any more a “religious war” by the sound of it, but in one sense all wars are religious, as in another none are.

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As good fortune could have it, acting would provide him his
first success first-time representative Alexandre Arcady ran an advertisement seeking a man which has a French-Algerian (or 8775 pied-noir 8776
in People from france slang) accent for his motion picture Le
Coup hun Sirocco. Benguigui (as he was still called) responded
and won the business. The following year, he spent a while in New
York City, where he met Gérard Presgurvic, later to be his primary songwriter.

One may accept this or not, take it or leave it for one does not even have to be Christian, let alone catholic and orthodox. One may be governed instead by one’s own vagrant notions, and needn’t be detained by the testimonia of twenty centuries or a billion souls, in the sight of all the heavens. Perhaps my reader is smarter.

I think back to it today, in struggling with Saint Augustine. I am hardly the first to discover in his (prose) homilies the presence of spooky internal rhymes. These, too, are in the Gaelic Irish and they are not like jingling modern rhymes. There are strict rules, which we might associate with “good taste,” that limit the rhymes to the vowels, in combination with consonants that must be “broad” or “slender.” Only gradually do they migrate to the line endings, where the danger of a jingle comes into view, and the challenge is to enlarge their resonation, as the bells on the cathedral towers.

Another market for essays is a women s magazine called Underwired. They don t pay much, but I m awfully fond of them, especially since they published one of my essays.

5. The Sun —A monthly magazine, The Sun pays from $855 to $7,555 for essays and interviews. They receive a thousand submissions (including fiction and poetry) for every issue, so don 8767 t be surprised if you have to wait six months for a response.

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My desolation does begin to make a better life
... And it is great
To do that thing that ends all other deeds,
Which shackles accidents and bolts up change

When, as yesterday, I give pointless advice to our political “masters” (themselves operating within greater constraints), I do not imagine it will be taken. I cannot even know what they know, in the control room they briefly occupy, trying to override this automated switch or that.

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