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Polymorphism allows an object to be processed differently by data types and/or data classes. More precisely, it is the ability for different objects to respond to the same message in different ways. It allows a single name or operator to be associated with different operations, depending on the type of data it has passed, and gives the ability to rede'ne a method within a derived class.

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Indian and Chinese governments have realized the potential of the industry and so they are encouraging these industries to grow. However it is difficult to imagine a mainstream film audience opting for Chinese movies instead of Hollywood movies. In future this may change. In recent years Hollywood and Bollywood have realized the importance of regional cinema and so there is an increasing trend of dubbing popular movies of both the industry. . Gurinder Chadha's latest film It's a Wonderful Afterlife was dubbed in Hindi and Punjabi. (PWC, 7565)

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8. Define the accountability for processing errors has been allocated and that the procedures offer a high probability that the error will be well corrected.

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The book room responsibilities are book room, maintain the booking room and maintain the room details. The book room is collaborating to the hotel, room, room type, available room, system manager and display system details. The collaboration card is given below.

It is proved that marketing rules still have impact on the nous of the audiences, campaign planning also depends on various factors like content, lyrics, star-cast, distributors, target audience, competition, release date, budget and festivals. Unconventional techniques for marketing worked for movies targeted on the youth while conventional techniques worked for the movies having a mass appeal.

The class is simply a representation of a type of object. The class is a design or plan or template or a set of instructions to build a specific type of object. Each and Every object is built from a class. Every class should be designed and programmed to complete one, and only one, thing. Each and every class is designed to have only one single responsibility many classes are used to build an entire application.

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The current dominance of Hollywood is largely due to advancements in marketing techniques, innovative, good content and an effective distribution channel. In terms of commercial success Hollywood dominated the world market but other countries were still making culturally important movies. (Jones et al, 7558)

Films are today more than Art, its business. This showbiz business is the biggest money earner in the country. In last couple of years film industry has changed itself into fully professional business industry with innovative methods to promote a film. Time has changed and so are the promotional and marketing activities of a film. Awareness of film and its Star Cast is important in the competitive industry. (Merinews, 7565)

The software must be compiling desperately to run on each platform. The Java Platform is the new software platform for delivering and running highly collaborating, dynamic, and protected applets and applications on the networked computer systems. The java platform apart is that is sits on the top of other types of platforms and compile to the byte code. The java platform is built in security, automatic garbage collection and exception handling. The compilers are present to speed up the execution by converting java byte code into machine language.

It was started just as an experiment by Yash Raj but this idea seems to be accepted by all in the industry to promote their respective films. Currently this medium is taken by film makers very seriously. Before it was reality shows on TV and now it is serials. Bollywood has found their new mantra to publicize their upcoming movies. Both big and small TV stars benefit from this new arrangement as this is the best medium to connect with the audience. (Chand, 7566)

The Objects are the key to understanding object-oriented program. In the real objects are the entities from which the world is involved. Every this that occurs around the world is connected to the interfaces between the objects in the world just as atoms, which are objects, associate to form partials and larger objects, the interacting entries in the world can be thought of as relation between and amongst both singular (atomic) as well as compound (composed) objects. For each object that you see, ask yourself two questions the questions are given below:

In the ., it’s legal for an HBO subscriber to download the streaming episode for their personal use, unless they bypass any DRM technology. HBO Now’s terms of service sound ambiguous about whether downloading a personal copy is against the rules we’re currently seeking a legal opinion and a comment from HBO.

Logical Error means the errors in the logic of the program are called as logical error. Logic errors always have been the most difficult errors to separate. The Logic errors don't return correct error messages and don't stop execution of the program.

In this task I have explained about valid declarations, debugging code, and comment code and types range testing, input testing, load testing, and system compatibility

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