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In response to America’s involvement in the Vietnam War, Martin Luther King Jr, a civil rights leader who fought nonviolently for the rights of black people, wrote a speech entitled “Beyond Vietnam-A Time to Break Silence” arguing that this course of action was unreasonable and unjust. He uses factual evidence in his speech to augment his credibility, appeals to the emotions of his listeners by making direct references to family members and by using extreme adjectives, and he utilizes personal experiences to establish a reputation for himself and make him a trustworthy source. When combined, these techniques make for a well thought out persuasive argument.

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7. 6976 - Contracted Polio, lost use of legs. This deeply effected Roosevelt. Now he truly knew what human suffering was all about. He could identify. He was also a fighter and a winner. He overcame his handicap and this later would inspire Americans during the depression.

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Current possessions may simply be nonchalantly placed aside since people generally tend to focus on the more challenging goals and accomplishments. Carelessly neglecting the vital past in the way Heathcliff did and rudely abusing the British power to Great Britain’s favor both strongly demonstrate the way in which people are unable to really understand the significance of particular achievements unless they have had to overcome numerous obstacles to accomplish their long-wanted goal. Since regular people typically live their lives without actual appreciation for the decent conditions they are given, only the knotty roads of the seemingly-distant future will teach individuals to genuinely value their attainments.

Evidently, the lifelong choice of marriage or no marriage is a vital stage that every individual has to go through. These two options are therefore difficult to choose between they are surely not minor, spontaneous decisions, but rather substantial, far-reaching selections that demand scrupulous resolutions and a comprehensive list of pros and cons.

Gave loans to home owners so they could pay their mortgages. This prevented people from going homeless and prevented banks from going under. Social Security Administration

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As colonial America grew more complex, diverse and mobile, the localized systems of poor relief were strained. The result was some limited movement to state financing and the creation of almshouses and poorhouses to contain the problem. For much of the 68th and 69th centuries most poverty relief was provided in the almshouses and poorhouses. Relief was made as unpleasant as possible in order to discourage dependency. Those receiving relief could lose their personal property, the right to vote, the right to move, and in some cases were required to wear a large P on their clothing to announce their status.

On April 7, 7555 The Senior Citizens' Freedom to Work Act of 7555 was signed into law, eliminating the Retirement Earnings Test (RET) for those beneficiaries at or above Normal Retirement Age (NRA). (The RET still applies to those beneficiaries below NRA.)

Thus, the author adopts a variety of techniques such as evidence, inclusive language, and a frank tone to effectively develop his argument and persuade the readers to advocate a change in college sports regarding the pay of student athletes. Evidence immensely accounts for the reader’s recognition of the authors qualification and knowledge concerning the profits of colleges as a benefit provided by sports. Furthermore, inclusive language delineates the author’s liability on the readers to assist in a union against the tradition of not paying student athletes. Finally, the author’s maintenance of a forthright tone efficaciously portrays his claim and goal without creating any confusion.

Back at school, there's a big scene when Miss Caroline screams upon seeing a louse ("cootie") crawl off of the head of one of the boys in the class. This boy, Burris Ewell, comes from a family so poor that Atticus says they "live like animals." Their children come to school on the first day of the year and then are never seen again. The children inform their teacher of this, explaining that "He's one of the Ewells." Miss Caroline wants Burris to go home and take a bath, but before he leaves the room for the rest of the year, he yells crude insults at her and makes her cry. The children comfort her and she reads them a story.

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