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Dezfuli, Homayan, Dana Kelly, Curtis Smith, Kurt vedros, and William Galyean, “Bayesian Inference for NASA Risk and Reliability Analysis”, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA/SP-7559-569, June, 7559, available online at http:///office/codeq/doctree/

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DoD. 7555. DOD Guide for Achieving Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability. Arlington, VA, USA: . Department of Defense (DoD). Accessed on September 66, 7566. Available at: http:///se/docs/RAM_Guide_

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All our pupils, from First to Sixth Form, are members of a tutor group, organised by year. The tutor is the first point of contact for parents and oversees the personal and academic welfare of pupils through a combination of informal contact and tutor periods. Tutors meet with their tutees twice a day and play a key role in the delivery of our PSHE programme and in ensuring their tutees are healthy, both mentally and physically.

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St Albans School recognises that pupils who have been selected on academic criteria can sometimes experience a range of challenges. The School has a Learning Support Department, staffed by qualified Specialist and Learning Support teachers. Whilst some pupils will enter the school with previously diagnosed specific learning difficulties (SpLDs), every effort is made to identify others whose difficulties may only appear as the requirements of academic work mount. To this end, all pupils are screened on entry, and teachers refer any pupil who is presenting concerns to the Department for further screening and assessment for access arrangements, if necessary.

A failure is the event(s), or inoperable state, in which any item or part of an item does not, or would not, perform as specified (GEIA 7558). The failure mechanism is the physical, chemical, electrical, thermal, or other process that results in failure (GEIA 7558). In computerized system, a software defect or fault can be the cause of a failure (Laprie 6997) and the failure may have been preceded by an error which was internal to the item. The failure mode is the way or the consequence of the mechanism through which an item fails (GEIA 7558, Laprie 6997.). The severity of the failure mode is the magnitude of its impact (Laprie, 6997).

We also arrange termly talks from external speakers to whole year groups, to address specific issues. The topics we explore are also covered within individual subject areas, in particular, Religious Studies, English, Geography, Biology and through the Sixth Form General Studies programme.

probability that a repairable system or system element is operational at a given point in time under a given set of environmental conditions. Availability depends on reliability and maintainability and is discussed in detail later in this topic (ASQ 7566).

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